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BancSearch, Inc. has Completed Searches in 39 States and Puerto Rico!

Looking for a company with a superb reputation for recruiting leadership and an impressive record in locating top Banking and Financial Industry talent? Look no further! BancSearch, Inc. is a diversified financial search firm. For over 20 years we have been a search partner to both our clients and candidates, providing our clients and candidates the greatest access to the top talent and best positions available...

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BancSearch, Inc. is committed to your success and to assisting you in achieving your success.

  • You define success… a more challenging position, career advancement, increased income, company stability, lifestyle. Someone with a young family may define success by living close to their extended family. Someone who is not advancing with their current employer may define success as a position that offers more income and upward mobility. While someone working for a company that has downsized, may seek a more stable company. We are here to help you define and achieve that success.
  • Information you share with us is held in confidence. When you share your dreams, aspirations, you can be assured that we honor your privacy. When you share your reasons for leaving a current employer, it is between you, us, and potential employers that you have pre-approved.
  • You determine where your resume goes. It is our policy to take our direction from you.

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For the over $100,000 crowd and those who aspire to join it!

Below are links to our online Job Board. Please take some time to view and submit your resume to some of our current openings!

BancSearch, Inc. is a member of the oldest and largest member-owned network of recruiting firms. We conduct search assignments across the entire range of Banking & Financial Services disciplines. If you are a Banking or Financial Services Professional interested in other opportunities, please check out our Job Openings. We have new jobs listed every week, so be sure to return if you don’t see anything meeting your qualifications today!

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"In a Good-to-Great transformation, people are not your most important asset. The right people are."

- Jim Collins

Your success is our number one priority! Who you hire directly contributes or takes away from your success. This is true of your employees and the executive search consultant you hire.

You benefit from our years of experience, knowledge of your industry, our contacts, and integrity.

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