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Working with BancSearch, Inc. was great. Their communication and follow up was top notch. The only search consultants I’ve ever worked with that made you feel like more than a number. They showed personal interest and commitment every step of the way.”

– Client Advisor, Vice President


You define success…a more challenging position, career advancement, increased income, company stability, lifestyle. Someone with a young family may define success by living close to their extended family. Someone who is not advancing with their current employer may define success as a position that offers more income and upward mobility. While someone working for a company that has downsized, may seek a more stable company. We are here to help you define and achieve that success.​​

Information you share with us is held in confidence. When you share your dreams, aspirations, you can be assured that we honor your privacy. When you share your reasons for leaving a current employer, it is between you, us, and potential employers that you have pre-approved.​​

You determine where your resume goes. You can be assured that we will not send your resume to anyone without your approval. That is your right. Furthermore, it is our policy to take our direction from you. Besides, what would be the point?! We would certainly look foolish if we sent your resume to a client for whom you refused to interview!​​

More Reasons…​​

BancSearch, Inc. concentrates in positions at the officer level of banking, wealth management, and professional level accounting. BancSearch, Inc. was founded in 1982 and specializes in the banking industry. In 1993 we added the wealth management focus. In 2008, the accounting focus was added. What does this mean to you? Our consultants understand your industry. They follow the latest reports and know which way the industry is headed.​​​

You will work with someone who understands your expertise and presents positions that match your career goals. Because our consultants are experienced and work in specific industries, they understand your expertise and understand you career aspirations. They will present to you the positions that match your goals.​​

You are presented in the best light possible to the person who makes the decision. When we (you and BancSearch, Inc.) decide on a position that is a match for your success goals, we send more than just your resume. The client receives a profile that highlights your experience that qualifies you for their position. They understand not only why you want to change positions but why you are motivated to consider their position. We are up front with them about your compensation and your compensation requirements. We also let them know if you have special requirements for your family; for example an exceptionally gifted child that requires above average schooling.​​

All of our fees are employer paid. We work with clients who seek to hire the best job seekers and are willing to pay to find that job seeker. We only ask three things of you in return – responsiveness, honesty, and confidentiality.​​

Responsiveness – We ask that you promptly return our phone calls within a twenty-four hour time frame. We understand that you don’t always have time for an extended conversation – just let us know.​​

Honesty – We ask that you are honest in your responses. We can usually find a way to work out concerns and past issues if we know about them.​​

Confidentiality – We ask that you hold in confidence our clients’ searches and all inside information you receive about their operation.​

Our professional Resume Service

The search is free and confidential – only the members of the network can see your profile. Employers are not allowed to use the web site and candidates cannot see each other’s profiles. Once you are registered, you can look at positions posted on the site.​​