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You are great! And you want your resume to tell potential employers. BancSearch, Inc. is dedicated to developing a resume that represents you in the best way possible. We have been reviewing resumes for over thirty-five years with combined employee experience of over sixty years. As an executive search firm, we know what gets a prospective employers’ attention. We are here to assist you in highlighting your experience and accomplishments to help you reach your goal.

First Things First

What are you trying to accomplish with your resume? Are you seeking a new position in the same career field? Are you re-entering the work force? Do you want to change careers? Has your company been acquired, and you need a resume for your new employer? Why you are doing your resume is as important as having a resume. As Yogi Berra said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.”


It is important that you communicate your skills, experience, expertise and accomplishments. At first glance, that may seem simple. In addition to your experience, expertise and accomplishments, you’ll want to support your experience by listing your certifications and licenses. What professional organizations have you been a part of? Offices held? Have you been published? Organized and presented seminars? What community organizations have you been a part of? Be ready to list your education and honors. Have you won any awards?


Once you have thought through content, you’ll need to organize your thoughts into your resume. What type of resume, chronological, functional, or a combination of both, best highlights your experience and accomplishments? Which type best achieves the purpose of your resume? How many pages? What layout do you use? How much white space? Do you want prose, bullet points or both?


We do not share your name, contact information, resume, with anyone without your permission!

Fees For Resume Service

The initial fee is $175.00 for the resume and includes up to three revisions. If we go over three revisions, the cost per revision is $25.00 per revision. (It is unusual to take more than two revisions.)

We charge an additional $50.00 for a cover letter with up to three revisions.

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